Mega 6 Car Digital Lane Change Scalextric Hire

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Our new digital track is finished and ready for hire. This new design of track means that up to six cars can race around on just four lanes. This is because of certain points on the track that you can switch lanes by pressing a button on your throttle. This brings a whole new play style to a race meaning positioning your car in certain lanes at different points in the race will allow you to overtake other drivers by getting the better racing line. The cars can also be set to run out of fuel, this means that if you do not keep an eye on your fuel gauge by your throttle and you get low on fuel your car will start jerking around the track and will not run normally again until you have have pulled into the pit lane to refuel. This track brings the nostalgia of setting up your scalextric at home but with a real modern feel to it that adults and children will love, as with all our tracks there will be the Grand Prix music, sound effects and members of staff to run races and provide commentary from our computerised lap counting system. This track is 18x11ft and requires a 25x15ft working space if you would like any more information or a free quote on the cost of hiring this track or any of other other equipment please do not hesitate to contact us.